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Barbara Heidelberger is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher and has an Energy Works Certificate. Barbara was trained by energy healer Jennifer Salness of Crystalline Light and internationally known author and Energy Medicine Specialist Cyndi Dale and continues to learn through a network of other teachers and friends. Barbara first became interested in energy healing and all aspects of holistic healing about 16 years ago after seeking better health that she could not find through conventional allopathic medicine. Barbara has experience assisting those with disabilities and mental health issues bringing her a better understanding of the human ills people face and methods to overcome and manage them. Barbara has been practicing Reiki and energy healing since January 2011 and has spent the past 16 years working in various social service and healthcare companies devoting her time to helping others heal and overcome life's struggles.

Even Barbara's aura can have healing effects at times.

Aura pictures taken by Bobby Sullivan of Aura Photos.

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