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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a hands–on healing technique that uses subtle energy. Reiki can be used to assist someone in creating more balance in their self. Reiki reaches all 4 levels that we experience with: Physical, Mental, Emotional, & Spiritual. Even though it reaches all levels it is not associated with any religion but it is certainly a nice adjunct to your personal faith. Reiki is Japanese for “Universal Lifeforce Energy”. This is the energy that is in everything: plants, animals, your arm, a desk, a toaster, your thoughts, etc. We all have access to it, but a Reiki Practitioner is able to tap into it for a concentrated version. The Reiki Practitioner ”channels” the concentrated Universal Lifeforce Energy, so it flows through them and out their hands into the recipient or thing they are placing their hands on or near. Essentially the practitioner is a conduit for the energy to come through.

Science teaches us that energy cannot be created or destroyed only moved, transferred, or transformed, and that energy is also associated with vibrations and frequencies. Reiki can raise the vibration of the receiver and make it freer because the denser the vibration that we carry within us the more apt we are to experience discomfort in any area (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). It is a gentle, harmless way to release these denser areas of energy in ourselves, and it can sort of “recharge” you.

When someone receives Reiki from a practitioner the receiver draws the energy from the person giving Reiki so the practitioner is not calculating, diagnosing, or guessing anything. The receiver draws it and their subconscious /higher-self knows exactly where the Reiki energy is needed the most and your subconscious/higher-self will decide how much to draw in, so you are really doing your own healing once you start drawing the energy from the practitioner.

Reiki energy can help move blocked or concentrated negative or dense areas in you and it works on all levels not only physical. Because it can break up things like a blockage, or a stored dense area in our body, or stored difficult life experiences; sometimes people can experience strong feelings during a session (crying, laughing, sadness, anxiety). When someone experiences these things during or after Reiki it is because it is working its way out of your system, a sort of cleansing in its own way. Occasionally mild sensations can occur if there is something physical going on and sometimes people have none of this and only feel extremely relaxed during a session. The same goes for after a session, you may feel great or energized that day or the following days or you may have more stuff trying to release and feel a bit off until it works its way out of your system. Either experience is normal during or after a session. The very least you will get out of a Reiki session is deep relaxation and stress relief, which is priceless in itself these days, but most people experience mild improvements all the way up to miracles.

Reiki is a wonderful therapy that can assist you in self-care management in a very hectic, overwhelming, and often harsh world. Reiki is also a wonderful addition or complimentary therapy for physical ailments when the traditional medical treatments are not getting the results you desire. One of Reiki’s greatest benefits is the ability to aid in stress relief or reduction which we all know can have negative effects in all areas of our life. Reiki energy comes from the universe and can never cause harm so there is no reason not to give it a try.

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