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In-Person Sessions

A Reiki session is usually done in 30 minute or 60 minute sessions and a series or regular sessions are definitely beneficial to help work out all the stuff you no longer need to hang on to.

What happens during a session?

If you are having a Reiki session in person with the practitioner majority of the treatment will be hands-on healing. The practitioner will place their hands gently on certain areas of the body to concentrate the energy there. The practitioner may at times hover over an area that might not be appropriate or comfortable to touch. The energy is still drawn in by the recipient whether or not the practitioner’s hands are directly on the body or not. Sometimes an area of the body holds too much pain or sensitivity and the practitioner would then hover over the site rather than touch it directly, it is different for each individual.

Reiki can be done laying down, sitting, or even standing - whichever is most comfortable for the receiver. Most people prefer to lay down to have greater relaxation. Reiki is always done while you are fully clothed and often the recipient has a sheet or blanket over them for added comfort. The length of the treatment might determine if the practitioner will have you flip sides while laying down. The energy will reach where it needs to go regardless of how you are laying or if you switch sides or not. People have a varied range of feelings and reactions during a treatment. Sensations, tingling, light pressure, mild pain, muscle spasms, hot, and cold are all common things felt during a session. People also go through emotions as well like a slight anxious feeling, crying, laughing, sadness, joy, etc. These are feelings and emotions that are working their way through you or out of you and it is always safe to release these during a session.

Preparing for a session:

This Reiki session is a time for you and should be relaxing and stress reducing so prepare yourself by trying to clear your mind of the day’s or week’s stresses before coming in to a session so you can get the greatest benefit out of the session.

If it is your 1st session, Barbara asks that you arrive about 15 minutes early so she can explain the process and any areas of concern can be addressed prior to treatment.

It is best to communicate any major health issues to Barbara before the treatment to allow for best planning of session. Examples: Diabetes, seizure disorder, MS, mechanical or electric implants, sensory sensitivities, etc.

Remember the sessions and treatment are completely confidential and the information shared with practitioner will never be shared without your permission.

***Barbara has an especially heightened olfactory sense or “high and sensitive sense of smell”. Please refrain from strong colognes, perfumes, or scents when having an in-person session with Barbara. If the scent is too strong it will effect her concentration during session (light scents are usually fine). Smokers are asked to please have your last cigarette at least 30 minutes prior to session or longer if possible as Barbara is highly sensitive to smoke. Having bathed within the last 48 hours and wearing laundered clothes will also reduce any strong odors that could effect Barbara’s concentration during a session.

Animal Healings

During an animal healing the practitioner seeks permission intuitively from the animal to do the Reiki healing. Some animals will allow the practitioner to touch them in a relaxing way and for some animals that is not ideal. The animal can pull the energy even if they are nearby or even across the room. The animal will choose where they wish to be while receiving the Reiki. Animals have not learned to be prejudiced toward energy healing like society can sometimes teach people to be, so they are usually very willing to accept it and seem to understand it and it's purpose easily.

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